Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Aum Sreem Gurubhyom namah

Adityaya Somaya Mangalaya Bhudayacha,
Guru shukra Sanibhyayacha Rahuve Ketave Namah.

All believers, go through the Article and know your prediction for your better future.
You will be guided to the better way. Please see the below.

Grand Mothers' Prediction

For your Full Prediction or Matching Details; Please send the details and get your hard copy of your prediction through COURIER. (For matching purpose both male & female details required)



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For single Rs. 250/-; For Double (Male & Female Matching purpose) Rs. 400/- to be deposited in ICICI Bank in the favor of K. Bhaskara Rao, A/c No. 630901502157. After deposited the above said amount, please mail the details to the navagraharemedies@gmail.com

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Surya Graha (Sun)

The Sun signifies the center and boundaries of one's individual experience. It's is the Atma or higher Self, but also the illusion of the ego, or the lower self.

Chandra Graha (Moon)

Chandra represents Shakti, Prakriti and Soma, the female energies that create and nourish the world. On a human level it represents the mind, imagination and creativity.

Kuja Graha

Kuja represents the will of the Self. Kuja is the mental faculty that decides which action or thought to entertain. This is the cutting analytical side of the intellect.

Budha Graha

Budha (Mercury) represents the awakened discriminating intellect, the mental faculty that inquires, gathers knowledge and communicates through words, in speech or writing. This is the commercial, evaluative, 'common sense' intellect.

Guru Graha

Guru represents the expansive quality of consciousness, the synthesizing and Holistic aspect of our awareness, enabling us to grasp abstract principles and providing the sense of right and wrong.

Shukra Graha

Shukra represents the cognitive aspect Self, the aspect which interprets and evaluates everything that is perceived through the senses. This makes Shukra the main evaluator, connected to money-sense, art and beauty-sense, etc. Although it functions on what is sensed, it always yearns for the ultimate transcendental beauty.